Airzonix Monitor Peanut Butter Chocolate

Sold as: 36 per bag UOM: BG
The Airzonix Rodent Monitor features innovative, scent-driven technology that creates a concentrated zone of scent molecules that slowly diffuse outward to simplify rodent monitoring. Because it’s non-food based, Airzonix doesn’t mold or attract insects.

• Proprietary technology from the VM Innovation Lab
• Non-food-based, allergen-free formulation for use in residential and commercial settings, including the food industry
• Doesn’t mold or attract insects
• Proven scents include peanut butter with chocolate, chicken, and more to come
• Highly targeted application for precise rodent monitoring
• Universal cap design for use with most rat snap traps
• Non-toxic to people and animals
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Sold As: 36 per bag
Manufacturer: VM Products Inc
Uom: BG
ID: 882827
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