Siesta Insecticide Fire Ant Bait

Sold as: 15LB Bag UOM: BG
Siesta Insecticide Fire Ant Bait, with the active ingredient metaflumizone, delivers fast and long lasting control of native and imported fire ants. This fast-acting insecticide works through ant ingestion with limited contact activity. Feeding cessation begins quickly—within 15 minutes to 12 hours of ant recruitment. Insects die within 72 hours. Siesta® Insecticide Fire Ant Bait is the only sodium blocker insecticide (SCBI) that does not require metabolism for bioactivation. It acts on the insect’s nervous system, where it blocks the voltage-dependent sodium neuron channel. As a result, these neurons are inactivated, causing the ant to enter a state described as “relaxed paralysis,” or a siesta.
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Sold As: 15LB Bag
Active Ingredient: Metaflumizone
Manufacturer: BASF Professional Pest Control
Uom: BG
Target Pests: Ants, European Fire Ant, Fire Ants, Little Fire Ant, Red Imported Fire Ant, Southern Fire Ant
ID: 809906
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