System III Gun Body

Sold as: EA UOM: EA
System III® GUN BODY SOLD BY: EACH The System III is designed to make pest management professionals even better at what they do. It makes it easy to deliver precision applications of Prescription Treatment® brand products into insect harborage areas where they eat, rest and reproduce. The small applicator and long, coiled hose make reaching hidden cracks, crevices and voids practical. And the belt mounted system makes arming yourself with all the best tools simple, lightweight and manageable; your inspection flashlight in one hand and your applicator in the other. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is the foundation of the Prescription Treatment Pest Management System. And it’s what your customers want. The System III makes Prescription Treatment practical and profitable. Product usage is reduced with controllable applications. The System III also optimizes the flow of product, resulting in precise applications. Additionally, it extends the life of compatible PT® aerosols up to 67%.
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Sold As: EA
Manufacturer: BASF Professional Pest Control
Uom: EA
ID: 435490
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