Gentrol Point Source Roach Control Device

Sold as: Box of 20 baits (for a case order 6) UOM: BX
As a roach control device, Gentrol Point Source features the insect growth regulator (IGR) (S)-hydroprene for up to 90 days of control. This discreet, non-spray format utilizes a translocating active ingredient to reach hard-to-treat areas. Gentrol Point Source is approved for food-handling and kitchen pest control accounts.

Roaches in kitchens and food handling establishments can be especially challenging for pest management professionals, presenting several potential cockroach habitats where spraying an insecticide isn’t practical or convenient.
Luckily, the translocating active ingredient in Gentrol Point Source provides effective control over targeted insects without requiring their direct contact with the device.

In addition to controlling multiple types of cockroaches, this proven roach IGR also provides control over stored product pests like the confused flour beetle.

One device treats up to 75 square feet.
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Sold As: Box of 20 baits (for a case order 6)
Active Ingredient: Hydroprene
Manufacturer: Zoecon
Uom: BX
Target Pests: Cockroaches, Grain Beetles
ID: 641859
Target Sites: Aircraft, Boats, Ships, and Barges, Cars and Trucks, Child Care Facilities, Commercial Structures, Dairies, Food Handling Areas, Food Serving Establishments, Grain and Nut Production or Storage, Greenhouses and Indoor Nurseries, Hospitals and Health Care
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  • All the benefits of an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) in a discreet, non-spray formulation
  • Contains the Insect Growth Regulator (S)-Hydroprene for 90-day control of stored product pests
  • Pests don't need to come in contact with the device to be affected.
  • Ideal for food handling establishments and other sensitive accounts
  • No need to vacate areas during treatment
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