Permectrin Fly & Louse Dust

Sold as: 12 x 2 lb / case UOM: BT
Permectrin Fly and Louse Dust is a professional ready-to-use dust to used to treat northern fowl mites on poultry. It is also effective in controlling flies and lice on beef and dairy cattle and on swine. With permethrin as its active ingredient, it is widely known as a medication to treat scabies caused by mites and lice, and as an insecticide to control flies. Permectrin Fly and Louse Dust is best applied using a shaker can or dust bag. Cattle and swine should be thoroughly dusted using not more than 1-2 ounces of dust per animal treatment, while poultry should be applied not more than 1 pound per 100 birds (see label for complete application instructions
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Sold As: 12 x 2 lb / case
Manufacturer: Bayer Animal Health
Uom: BT
ID: 805980
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