Cirkil RTU Insecticide & Ovicide

Sold as: 32oz Bottle UOM: BT
CIRKIL® RTU is the only EPA registered plant-based bed bug killer that is highly effective, easy to administer, and works fast to control infestations by killing eggs, nymphs and adults on contact and as a residual. Studies show it's more effective than leading chemical pesticides in killing bed bugs at all stages with 100% residual and on-contact kill of adults, nymphs, eggs and pyrethroid-resistant strains. FEATURES INCLUDE: plant-based insecticide, flexible label directions, easy-to-use spray, and a highly effective tool to include in IPM. Save money, time and reduce call backs with CIRKIL® RTU.
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Sold As: 32oz Bottle
Active Ingredient: Neem oil
Manufacturer: Terramera, Inc.
Uom: BT
Target Pests: Ants, Bed Bugs, Cockroaches, Common Bed Bug, Pavement Ant, Silverfish, Smokybrown Cockroach
ID: 805956
Target Sites: Animal Care and Animal Care Facilities, Commercial Structures, Multiple Family Dwellings, Residential Structures, Roadway Vehicles, Single Family Dwellings, Structures and Immediate Surroundings
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