Maxforce FC Fipronil Ant Bait Stations

Sold as: Bag of 24 stations (for a case order 4) UOM: BG
Maxforce FC Ant Bait Stations contain a patented bait formulation that kills odorous house ants, pharaoh ant, and other common household ants. When properly used, the bait will attract foraging worker ants. The ants will feed on the bait and take some back to the nest, destroying the queen and the entire colony.
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Sold As: Bag of 24 stations (for a case order 4)
Manufacturer: Envu
Target Pests: Acrobat Ants, Ants, Argentine Ant, Carpenter Ants, Cornfield Ant, Crazy Ants, Odorous House Ant, Pavement Ant, Pharaoh Ant, Thief Ant
ID: 656005
SDS Label
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  • Nonrepellent formula does not cause secondary colony formation
  • No insecticide odor
  • Child-resistant design
  • Easy-to-use station design allows you to inspect each bait placement and monitor the amount of ant feeding
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