QuickBayt Spot Spray

Sold as: 350g Bottle UOM: BT
QuickBayt® Spot Spray is an easy-to-apply fly spray for recreational farms and rural environments that can be applied to virtually any surface, such as: walls, posts, beams, ceilings and other areas where flies tend to rest. Its quick-acting and long-lasting control treats places conventional granular baits can’t reach. In animal facilities and protected areas, residual efficacy can last up to 6 weeks unless the bait is completely consumed.

QuickBayt® contains muscalure and a flavoring agent that attracts flies, as well as Bitrex®, a bittering agent to help prevent ingestion by non-target animals, children and pets. Best results occur when the product is applied to many locations throughout the facility.
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Sold As: 350g Bottle
Manufacturer: Bayer Animal Health
Uom: BT
ID: 805981
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QuickBayt® Spot Spray is a fly spray that can be applied on virtually any surface in and around hobby and recreational farms and rural environments where house flies congregate — cattle, sheep and goat facilities, dog kennels and horse stables.

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