TechDust Natural Dust 10 lb Pail

Sold as: 10 lb pail UOM: PL
Paragon Prof. Pest Control Products TechDust Natural Dust 10lb Pail Part# 02496 Overview: - TechDust is a premise treatment for use in controlling cockroaches, ants, spiders, and other crawling insects. Use in and around poultry, swine, dairy and cattle production facilities, dairy milk rooms, and meat processing areas. Benefits: - Effective – Reduces up to 95% of roaches with a single application. Results of the application can be seen immediately, with continued reduction of insects over several days. TechDust eliminates all stages of the insects in order to provide long-lasting control of the population. The result is a year-round control protocol with applications made on average every 2 – 3 months. - Safe – Ingredients are safe for animals, people, and the environment when used as directed. Product is exempt from registration pursuant to EPA FIFRA guidelines. - Practical – No need to remove animals when applying providing flexibility in timing and reducing the cost of completing an application. Application is designed to be fast and easy, with application completed in typical farrowing and breeding facilities in under 1 hour by 1 applicator.
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Sold As: 10 lb pail
Manufacturer: Paragon Prof. Pest Control Products
Target Pests: Ants, Cockroaches, Spiders
ID: 794500
Target Sites: Aircraft, Animal Care and Animal Care Facilities, Animal Holding Structures, Attics, Basements, Commercial Structures, Crawlspaces, Exterior Surfaces of Structure, Food Handling Areas, Food Serving Establishments, Hospitals and Health Care Facilities, Hot
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