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Sold as: 4/cs Ffmc-001 UOM: JG
Flock Free, an industry leader in bird control, has joined forces with a leading colloidal scientist to develop a new and unique product. Introducing Flock Free Mosquito Concentrate, a 25(b) product! Dr. Paul Andrecola P.E. PHD3, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, product designer and renowned colloidal chemist, has developed a safe, eco-friendly plant-based NANO solution to control the life cycles of mosquitos. His manufacturing process is based on the science of colloidal chemistry which produces a NANO scale colloidal micelle, the workhorse behind his products. This is truly a new paradigm in mosquito control. Flock Free Mosquito Control Concentrate has pushed the boundaries of technology with a three-way punch! First, it contains a group of essential oils that repel or push mosquitos away from the targeted area. Second, it has a system that utilizes nanotechnology to kill larvae to eliminate mosquito populations by preventing pupation. Third, it kills adult mosquitos with both dehydration and renal failure. Flock Free Mosquito Concentrate can be applied to patios, trees, bushes, buildings, ponds, large bodies of water - anywhere mosquitos are a nuisance including around people and animals without limitations. You will see amazing results with proper application protocols. Apply once monthly as needed. Trial size 4-ounce bottles of Flock Free Mosquito Concentrate are now available! Order today from Veseris!
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Package Size: 4/cs Ffmc-001
Active Ingredient: Citric Acid, Clove Oil, Corn Oil, Garlic Oil, Peppermint Oil, Rosemary Oil, Sodium Chlorite, Thyme Oil
Manufacturer: Flock Free Bird Control
Uom: JG
Target Pests: Alder lace bug, American Dog Tick, Asian Tiger Mosquito, Avocado lace bug, Birch lace bug, Biting Flies, Biting Midges, Black Flies, Blacklegged Tick, Blacklegged Ticks, Brown Dog Tick, Cheese Mites, Chicken Mite, Chiggers, Clover Mite, Deer Flies, Eye Gn
ID: 843805
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