Allure MD Stored Product Moth Mating Disruption System

Sold as: 5 / Pack UOM: PK
Allure MD was developed to control stored product moths including Indian Meal Moths in a wide variety of commercial situations. Allure MD uses mating disruption technology to prevent reproduction and reduce the number of moth larvae. This new EPA registered product actually controls Indian Meal Moths instead of just monitoring the population.
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Sold As: 5 / Pack
Active Ingredient: Pheromone-moth mating disruption
Manufacturer: BASF Professional Pest Control
Uom: PK
Target Pests: Indian Meal Moth, Mediterranean Flour Moth, Moths (Stored Product), Raisin Moth, Tobacco Budworm
ID: 775770
Target Sites: Commercial Structures, Dried Fruit Production or Storage, Food Manufacturing & Processing Plants, Grain and Nut Production or Storage, Structures and Immediate Surroundings, Tobacco Processing & Storage
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