Casemaking Clothes Moth Flat Trap Kit

Sold as: 10 / KIT UOM: KT
This specially designed pheromone trap kit will help you monitor for any issues with Casemaking Clothes Moth. Contents: This kit will include 10 scientifically designed bullet lures and 10 flat traps. Benefit: Precise insect monitoring. Helps protect valuable fabrics. For more information on the Case-making clothes moth and other stored product pests visit
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Sold As: 10 / KIT
Manufacturer: Insects Limited, Inc.
Uom: KT
Target Pests: Casemaking Clothes Moth
ID: 817785
Target Sites: Airports and Train Stations, Child Care Facilities, Correctional Facilities, Hospitals and Health Care Facilities, Hotels and Motels, Multiple Family Dwellings, Museums, Offices, Residential Structures, S, Schools – non-food areas, Single Family Dwellings
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Kit comes with 10 flat traps and 10 pheromone lures

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