Terminator large capacity dual sided fly control system

Sold as: . UOM: EA
Portable Commercial/Industrial Unit. Comes complete with end of cartridge alarm, 60-day glue cartridge and bulbs. Dual-sided unit able to handle large insect infestations that can catch more than 20 times that of any competitive product in the marketplace. Highly Effective ideal for large kitchen, manufacturing facilities, barns, livestock enclosures, receiving areas and trash areas. Has a 10,000 sq. ft attracting radius. Meant for large commercial applications. Available in white aluminum or stainless steel.
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Manufacturer: Paraclipse®
Uom: EA
Target Pests: Asian Tiger Mosquito, Biting Flies, Biting Midges, Black Blow Fly, Black Flies, Black Scavenger Flies, Black Soldier Fly, Blue Blow Fly, Cheese Skipper, Cheese Skippers, Cluster Fly, Crane Flies, Dark-eyed Fruit Fly, Dark-winged Fungus Gnats, Deer Flies
ID: 661110
Target Sites: Aircraft, Airports and Train Stations, Amusement Parks, Animal Care and Animal Care Facilities, Animal Feed Production or Storage, Animal Holding Structures, Animal Hospitals, Attics, Aviaries, Bakeries, Basements, Beverage and Bottling Plants, Boats, Shi
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