Aegis-RP Bait Station

The Aegis®-RP balances speed, quality and performance. It is a fast-to-open station that saves you time and money thanks to a versatile design that accommodates bait, glue boards or traps. All Aegis stations can be mounted both vertically and horizontally, and feature an entry/exit design that lures rodents in. A lid that opens away from the wall and the Aegis universal key locking system make servicing quick and easy.
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Manufacturer: LIPHATECH
Target Pests: House Mouse, Norway Rat, Roof Rat
Target Sites: Exterior Areas Around Structures, Industrial Buildings and Warehouses
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Quick to Service

  • One universal key opens all Aegis stations.
  • Lid opens conveniently away from the wall.
  • Train tunnel entrance and rounded interior sides for easy clean-out.
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