Bird Jolt Flat Track Kit with Hardware

Sold as: 100' Kit UOM: KT
Bird Jolt Flat Track is a low profile, electrical track system that produces a mild electrical shock when birds land on its surface. It is the only electric track bird deterrent system with anti-arcing and glue trough designs. Each Bird Jolt Flat Track Kit includes 100’ of track, 2 lead in connector loops, 3 snug-fit connectors, and 10 warning labels. 100 Ft kit in Stone
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Sold As: 100' Kit
Manufacturer: Bird B Gone
Uom: KT
Target Pests: Birds, Canada Goose, Downy Woodpecker, European Starling, Flickers, Gulls, House Sparrow, Red-headed Woodpecker, Rock Pigeon, Woodpeckers, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
ID: 791193
Target Sites: Aircraft, Airports and Train Stations, Amusement Parks, Animal Care and Animal Care Facilities, Animal Feed Production or Storage, Animal Holding Structures, Animal Hospitals, Attics, Aviaries, Bakeries, Basements, Beverage and Bottling Plants, Boats, Shi
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Bird SpeciesAll birdsWhere to UseLedges, signs, rooftops, I-beams, parapet walls, conduit, flat or curved surfacesBird PressureLight to HeavyMaterialLightweight flexible UV stabilized PVC with copper knitted wire mesh “tube-in-tube” stocking designPackaging100' rollsExpertise LevelElectrical knowledge required

Bird Jolt Flat Track™ Features and Benefits

  • The ultimate product for bird behavior modification; mild electric jolt changes bird habits!
  • #1 specified electric track by architects and government agencies
  • Humane, does not harm birds!
  • Effective for small and large birds
  • Crush proof; will continue to work even if stepped on by window washers or building maintenance crews
  • Patented "anti-arcing" designs means the ultimate in safety and effectiveness!
  • Glue troughs allow for easy installation with construction grade adhesive 
  • Completely flexible - can bend 360° without compromising the product integrity!
  • Lowest profile, virtually invisible, only 1/4" high at the highest point!
  • Waterproof, snug-fit connectors make it the safe and easy shock system to install
  • Comes in easy to dispense box; can be cut with regular scissors
  • Lightweight flexible UV stabilized PVC – One 100 foot roll only weighs 15 lbs.
  • Available in six colors –  clear,  gray, stone, black, terracotta and red
  • Bird Jolt Flat Track Kits also available
  • Manufactured by Bird B Gone, Inc.
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