Girder Spike 3" 50

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Girder Bird Spikes are a physical bird deterrent used to prevent pigeons and larger pest birds from landing or nesting on girders or I-beams. Birds cannot land on the uneven surface created by the spikes and will move on to a different spot. Girder Spikes are sold in three widths (3”, 5” & 8”), two foot sections, 50 feet per box.
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Manufacturer: Bird-B-Gone Inc.
Uom: BX
Target Pests: Birds
ID: 795467
Target Sites: Exterior Non-landscaped settings, Structures and Immediate Surroundings
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Girder Bird Spikes Features and Benefits

  • Prevents birds from landing on steel girders and I-beams
  • Fits any two-foot up to 1" thick
  • No need for separate clips or hardware
  • Ideal where clean up of debris or drippings is not possible
  • Attached girder clamps make for easy installation
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