Snake Out

Apply around the perimeter of areas to keep snakes out. Snake Out is an EPA-exempt 25b product made up of essential oils and fullers earth specially designed to repel snakes that might try to enter structures. The product is part of a Green Pest Management® program; importantly, Snake Out contains no naphthalene. Based on research and field applications when a snake comes into contact with Snake Out, it appears to disrupt its Jacobson’s Organ, a receptor organ connected to the tongue that aides in smell and taste. This makes the area “distasteful”to snakes and drives them away. The snakes also appear to dislike the feel of the product on their skin and avoid areas of treatment. Snake Out has a pleasant cinnamon aroma. Listed pests: • Snakes Application: • Apply Snake Out in a band around or under the crawl space of a structure or in areas that snakes would tend to den or congregate. • Works best in protected areas of structures. • If applied outdoors
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Active Ingredient: Cedar Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Clove Oil
Manufacturer: Nisus Corporation
Target Pests: Snakes
Target Sites: Exterior Landscaped Settings, Exterior Non-landscaped settings, Nurseries and Greenhouses, Structures and Immediate Surroundings
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