Sold as: 5422 UOM: PL
Wild Hog Scram Professional stimulates a strong fear-based response that scares wild (feral) hogs by emitting an odor they associate with death. It repels hogs before they begin rooting through valuable landscapes, lawns, gardens and woodlands. Ideal for Pest Control Operators, Landscape Professionals, Maintenance Professionals and Foresters, Grounds and Greens Keepers. Contains animal by-products, including dry blood and meat meal. It also contains garlic, pepper and other natural substances. Coverage: a 22-pound bucket covers 13,200 square feet when properly applied with a rotary spreader. Year-round application. Environmentally safe. Non-toxic -- won't harm animals or plants.
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Package Size: 5422
Manufacturer: EPIC -- Enviro Protection Industries
Uom: PL
Target Pests: Nuisance Wildlife (Mammals)
ID: 815152
Target Sites: Airports, Banks of Watercourses and Bodies of Water, Campgrounds, Cemeteries, Christmas Tree Farms, Commercial Turf – Sod Farms, Exterior Landscaped Settings, Exterior Non-landscaped settings, Food-bearing Trees and Other Plants, Golf Courses, Non-food-be
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