Avalon Mixed Grain Gopher Bait

Sold as: 50lb bag UOM: BG
Avalon Mixed Grain Gopher Bait is a flavor coated 0.5% Strychnine mixed-grain bait for below ground treatment of pocket gophers. Grain coatings include licorice flavorings, anti-mold agents and flavor extenders for improved tunnel stability and feeding compatibility. Milo grain and small portions of oats and wheat make up Avalon, giving the gopher a choice of feed forms to sample. These grains flow well through the mechanical burrow builder machines used in modern agriculture. Proper placement of gopher bait can result in very high control levels during the year, with spring and fall being the primary baiting seasons. Baiting can occur throughout the year, depending on good soil and cropping conditions.
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Sold As: 50lb bag
Manufacturer: RCO Pest Control Products
Uom: BG
ID: 817753
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