P.C.Q. Pro Bait

Burrow Bait for Voles and More P.C.Q.® PRO with the active ingredient, Diphacinone, is a restricted use rodenticide that offers PMPs greater flexibility to control Meadow & Pine Voles, California Ground Squirrels, and Commensal Rodents
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Active Ingredient: Diphacinone
Manufacturer: Bell Laboratories
Target Pests: House Mouse, Norway Rat, Roof Rat, Voles
Target Sites: Commercial Structures, Exterior Areas Around Structures, Exterior Landscaped Settings, Residential Structures
Label SDS
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Diphacinone is a proven, first-generation anticoagulant. Success with Diphacinone baits depends on repeat feedings. Therefore, Bell manufactures P.C.Q.® PRO with food-grade ingredients and enhancers for optimal rodent acceptance. The antidote, Vitamin K1, is also readily available.

The highly palatable, pelleted bait is designed to compete with natural food sources in the field. The durable, pelleted bait formula is made with Bell's advanced formulation process that produces a fresher, better compressed pellet for improved weatherability.

P.C.Q.® PRO's broad label can be used to control a wide variety of pests in industrial, commercial & residential accounts.

  • MEADOW & PINE VOLES: Approved for use in industrial, commercial & residential areas, including homes, lawns, golf courses and more. Burrow Baiting & Ground Broadcast Baiting applications allowed, as listed on the label. Expanded sites when used with a Bait Station.
  • CALIFORNIA GROUND SQUIRRELS: Approved for use in Bait Stations or Spot Baiting Application in industrial, commercial and residential areas, including homes, lawns and more.
  • NORWAY RATS, ROOF RATS AND HOUSE MICE: Approved for use within 100 feet of man-made structures when used in Bait Stations; can be used beyond 100 feet of man-made structures for burrow baiting.

P.C.Q.® PRO is available in an economical 12lb pail or 50lb bag with its active ingredient at 0.005 percent.

*Not available for sale in California or Idaho.

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