EZ Soft Bait Rodenticide

Sold as: EACH UOM: PL
The lard based soft bait. EZ Soft. EZ Soft also contains synthetic peanut flavoring. Kills Norway rats, roof rats, house mice, meadow voles** and warfarin resistant Norway rats. Can be used in any bait station.

**Not permitted for use against the following species in California: Cotton rat, Eastern harvest mouse, Golden mouse, Polynesian rat, Meadow vole, White-throated woodrat, Southern plains woodrat, and Mexican woodrat
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Sold As: EACH
Active Ingredient: Bromadiolone
Manufacturer: VM Products Inc
Uom: PL
Target Pests: Rats & Mice
ID: 841749
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  • Easy to secure, puncture through center of sachet
  • Palatable to rats and mice
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Bait contains wheat flour, chopped/milled wheat, lard, sugar
  • Helps control rats, house mice, and meadow voles*
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