Selontra Rodent Bait

Sold as: 8 lb pail UOM: PL
Selontra rodent bait controls entire infestations in just seven days. It is effective against anticoagulant-resistant rodents, and it demonstrates proven palatability even when desirable food sources are available.

With a hole in the middle to ensure secure placement in bait stations and a durability that holds up in tough conditions, Selontra rodent bait creates less waste, so it takes care of business while making yours more efficient.
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Sold As: 8 lb pail
Active Ingredient: Cholecalciferol
Manufacturer: BASF Professional Pest Control
Uom: PL
Target Pests: House Mouse, Norway Rat, Roof Rat, Voles, Woodrats (Packrats)
ID: 833271
Target Sites: Aircraft, Airports, Airports and Train Stations, Amusement Parks, Animal Care and Animal Care Facilities, Animal Feed Production or Storage, Animal Hospitals, Attics, Bakeries, Banks of Watercourses and Bodies of Water, Basements, Beverage and Bottling Pl
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