TakeDown Soft Bait

Sold as: 8 gram - 4 pound UOM: BG
TakeDown® Soft Bait, the first bromethalin soft bait for the professional pest control market, combines the power of an acute rodenticide with the palatability of soft bait. It is effective in fighting anticoagulant-resistant rodent populations and heavy infestations, especially those in a commercial setting. A lethal dose may be consumed in one night’s feeding but it may take 2 or more days for the first dead rodents to appear.
More Information
Package Size: 8 gram - 4 pound
Active Ingredient: Bromethalin
Manufacturer: LIPHATECH
Uom: BG
Target Pests: House Mouse, Norway Rat, Roof Rat, Voles, Woodrats (Packrats)
ID: 828435
Target Sites: Aircraft, Airports, Airports and Train Stations, Bakeries, Beverage and Bottling Plants, Boat Docks and Piers, Boats, Ships, and Barges, Commercial Lots and Power Stations, Commercial Structures, Correctional Facilities, Food Manufacturing & Processing Pl
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Why TakeDown?

  • Formula is palatable to rats and mice.
  • Faster results than anticoagulant rodenticides.
  • Available in 4 lb. bags (case of 4-4 lb. bags) of 8g pouches.
  • Active ingredient: bromethalin (100 ppm).
  • Package design allows aroma to escape, attracting rodents.
  • Soft bait maintains palatability and integrity in hot environments.
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