InVade Bio Drain Probiotic Gel

Invade BioDrain is an organic drain gel best known for its distinct aroma and ability to get rid of drain flies, phorid and fruit flies. This natural microbial drain cleaning gel works by dissolving scrum and organic buildup. Invade BioDrain’s thick formula easily coats pipes and drain walls for maximum effectiveness.

This drain gel contains live organisms that eat grease and organic debris. This eliminates the breeding ground commonly used by drain flies and other sewer flies. Like most probiotic drain fly gels, treatment works best when combined with manual drain cleaning. This helps ensure a complete removal of buildup and debris from drain pipes. InVade Bio Drain fly killer is also best used at night, or when the drain will not be used. This allows the product to sit and work for the maximum amount of time.
More Information
Active Ingredient: N/A
Manufacturer: Rockwell Labs Ltd.
Target Sites: Animal Care and Animal Care Facilities, Commercial Structures, Food Manufacturing & Processing Plants, Food Serving Establishments, Non-Food Areas of Structures, Residential Structures, Structures and Immediate Surroundings
Label SDS Brochure
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  • Dye-Free with a Natural Lemon-Citrus Scent
  • Works effectively in areas of of chronic moisture and organic matter
  • Contains Premium, Natural Microbes and Citrus Oil for efficient cleaning and odor elimination
  • Powerful probiotics activate when in contact with organic debris, actually digesting organic matter
  • Eliminates odor fast
  • Thick formula clings to the sides of drains, providing maximum contact
  • Works great in beverage fountain drip tray lines and eats away at the "sugar snake" that typically clogs lines
  • May be used with power sprayers, hose-end sprayers, and mopping applications
  • Contains no harsh chemicals or fumes
  • Will not harm septic systems or municipal water treatment operations
  • Green Zone product, suitable for green service programs
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