Odor Hunter Instant Odor Eliminator 32oz Bottle

Sold as: 1 QT Ball UOM: BT
Southern Ag Insecticide Odor Hunter Instant Odor Eliminator 32oz Bottle (12/Case) Product Overview: - Odor Hunter is a powerful, professional odor eliminator that is labeled to deal with all kinds of smells from cigarette smoke and mildew to spoiled food and skunks. Odor Hunter is not a masking agent or an enzyme-based product but a new technology with a unique mode of action that attacks odor molecules at their source, thereby eliminating the odor itself. - When Odor Hunter is applied, a reaction occurs where the product molecules bond with the odor molecules, creating an irreversible bond around the nitrogen and sulfur molecules, thereby instantly and permanently changing the odor’s chemical structure, which eliminates the odor. Odor Hunter is safe to use inside living areas and around kids and pets. - Odor Hunter will treat odors including but not limited to: Urine & feces, skunks, smoke, dead and decaying animals, mold, garbage, and metalworking fluids. - This product is manufactured by Sostram Corp but supplied by Southern Ag and used to be sold and marketed under the Envincio brand name. Features and Specs: - Treats: Odors including but not limited to: Urine & Feces, Skunks, Smoke, Dead and Decaying Animals, Mold, Garbage and Metalworking Fluids - For use in: Commercial Kitchens, Refuse areas, Wildlife Removal, Kennels, Disaster Restoration, Fire & Water Damage, Smoke Removal from Dwellings, Mold Remediation and Farm Facilities - Application: Apply Directly on Odor causing source - Manufactured by: Sostram Corporation
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Sold As: 1 QT Ball
Manufacturer: Southern Ag
Uom: BT
ID: 765688
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