DYNA-Flo 0-0-30 Fertilizer

Sold as: 2.5 gal jug (for a case order 2) UOM: JG
DYNA-Flo 0-0-30 is a highly soluble, low salt index, liquid Potassium fertilizer which can be applied directly to the soil, to the plant tissues (with water) or through the irrigation system. DYNA-Flo 0-0-30 provides rapid uptake and utilization of Potassium during the plant’s critical growth stages such as germination and elongation. DYNA-Flo 0-0-30 can be applied throughout the growing season to quickly correct Potassium deficiencies. When applied in the fall, this product will provide adequate potash which is a key element in improving stress tolerance from adverse environmental conditions. Turf normally responds within a few days of application. DYNA-Flo 0-0-30 contains no chloride which can damage turf, soil and corrode equipment.
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Sold As: 2.5 gal jug (for a case order 2)
Manufacturer: Chemical Dynamics, Inc.
Uom: JG
ID: 800516
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