HCU Humic Coated Urea 44-0-0 Fertilizer

Sold as: 50 lb bag UOM: BG
HCU (Humic Coated Urea) granules are an innovative nitrogen source featuring urea-humate fusion. This proprietary technology produces a cost effective 44-0-0 nitrogen granule that is bonded with potassium humate.

Clean, spherical, free flowing granules are 100% soluble for use in both liquid and dry applications. HCU granules can be applied to all types of cool and warm season turf, landscape and nursery ornamentals, and specialty crops.

HCU granules offer a sensible, sprayable/spreadable, and sustainable approach to applying nitrogen with important soil and plant health benefits that traditional nitrogen sources cannot provide.
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Sold As: 50 lb bag
Manufacturer: Andersons, Inc. (The Andersons)
ID: 841018
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