Lebanon Pro 24-0-10 100% LSN Fertilizer 50 lb bag

Sold as: 50 lb bag UOM: BG
Lebanon Turf Products Lebanon Pro 24-0-10 100% LSN Fertilizer 50LB Bag Part# 2242695 Product Features: - LSN (Lebanon Stabilized Nitrogen) ensures that nitrogen gets delivered to the turf and does not escape into the atmosphere through volatilization. - LSN provides a cost effective source of nitrogen and offers an agronomic alternative to slow release nitrogen sources, unlike straight urea LSN, does not need to be watered in immediately after application. LSN is found in our Lebanon Pro brand. - When untreated urea isn’t immediately watered in after application, it begins to lose nitrogen into the atmosphere as ammonia gas due to absorbing moisture from the air. LSN significantly reduces the amount of nitrogen that escapes for up to ten days by inhibiting the enzyme, urease, that converts urea into ammonia gas and ammonium. Composition: - Urea 57-13-6 (50-55%) - N-(n-Butyl) thiophosphoramide 94317-64-3 (0.1-0.5%) - Dolomite 16389-88-1 (30-35%) - Potassium Chloride 7447-40-7 (15-20%)
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Sold As: 50 lb bag
Manufacturer: Lebanon Turf Products
ID: 783251
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