Roots BioPak Plus 3-0-20 Fertilizer 5 lb bag

Lebanon Seaboard Corp Roots BioPak Plus 3-0-20 Fertilizer 5lb Bag Part# 2756663 Overview: - ROOTS BioPak Plus is a premium dry, soluble 3-in-one Fertilizer, Micronutrient and Microbial Inoculant treatment for ornamentals, trees or turf maintenance programs to improve vigor of plants growing in stressed conditions. - A water soluble micronutrient and biostimulant treatment with NPK of 3-0-20 - For maintenance of existing trees, shrubs, flowers and turf - All Mineral fertilizer with nutrients immediately available to the plant - Potassium sulfate for immediate availability of the potassium with the added benefit of a small amount of sulfur - A comprehensive package of 6 micronutrients: 7% Fe, .2% Mn, 1.5% Mg, Zn, S, B - Contains beneficial rhizosphere bacteria, kelp meal and humic acids to improve soil and plant health - Use for flowers, ornamentals, trees and turf maintenance - Soil injection or drench use
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ID: 837596
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