Bromacil/Diuron 40/40 Granular Herbicide

Sold as: 6LB Bag UOM: BG
A broad spectrum, nonselective herbicide used to control a wide range of grasses and broadleaf weeds on non-crop and industrial sites.
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Sold As: 6LB Bag
Active Ingredient: Bromacil, Diuron, OTHER INGREDIENTS
Manufacturer: Alligare LLC
Uom: BG
Target Pests: Annual Sowthistle, Balsam Apple, Barnyard Grass, Bermudagrass, Brome, Common Chickweed, Common Groundsel, Common Lambsquarters, Common Purslane, Common Ragweed, Downy Brome, Filaree, Fleabane, Florida Pusley, Foxtail, Horseweed, Johnsongrass, Jungle Rice|
ID: 775987
Target Sites: Exterior Areas Around Structures, Trees, Shrubs, and Foliage Plants
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